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Make your business goals a
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Uplift customer satisfaction
while minimizing handling time. Increase sales and improve customer experience.
The Best Live Chat Software for the Website
Use Floppy Live Chat Website Plugin to have conversations with your website visitors and to uncover the additional details through contact history and real-time visitor analytics. Together, these complementary tools will give you a complete insight into user experience, traffic trends, marketing campaign effectiveness, and more.
An Affordable Professional Online Chat Software
Floppy online chat system is ideal for the advanced sales and marketing team who wants to connect with their website visitors throughout the customer lifecycle by leveraging the data and insights from the live chat conversations and user's behaviors to offer a personalized and rich experience at every point of time.
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A Complete and Advanced Help Desk System

With Floppy Online Live Chat Software You Can:
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Anticipate Customer Questions
With FloppyChat, you can easily anticipate the questions of your customers and website visitors. You can easily offer them help whenever and wherever they need it the most with online chat support.
Raise Your Sales
The customers are three times more likely to make a purchase from your website when you reach them out with a live online chat option.
Take Less Time, More Happy
Online chat and messaging allow the agents to help customers in less time by instantly and immediately solving their problems. This ultimately leads to happier customers most of the time.
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Start Using Floppy Chat Now!

Why Use Floppy Online Chat System?

FloppyChat is the best free live chat software, the benefits of which will make you smile. The reasons that hold the importance of using Floppy chat software are as follows:
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Keep Your
Data Secured

At FloppyChat, we take your data's security and privacy very seriously. Therefore, we ensure that your information is all time secured with us. From Privacy Shield Certification, two-step verification, and access restrictions to and HIPAA readiness, we have kept all your data and information secured with us.
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Build Stronger Relationships
with Customers

Floppy online chat software is a non-intrusive and personal form of contact that allows you to connect and interact with your customers quickly, which will ultimately help you in building a strong relationship with your website visitors and customers. By using Floppy website chat, you will be able to connect with your customers in a better way, which will also be helpful in building their trust.
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Manage Your
Team With Ease

With FloppyChat, you can easily manage your team with ease. You can keep track of your customer service team and the sales team's performance. FloppyChat is rich in features, and with our comprehensive reports and supervision features, you can get all the data that will help you in boosting up the productivity of your team.
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Make Your
Customers Happy

Your customers generally have three options to contact you, either by mail, call, or chat. But the fact is that the customers who chat live are much more satisfied with the customer service of the business than those who call or email. So, by using the Floppy live chat system, you can make your customers happy, and you will then be able to reach a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score as high as 99%.
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Solve Customer
Problems In A Flash:

Customer satisfaction is the primary motive of every business. Floppy live chat system provides instant answers to the website visitors in real-time. Floppy online chat is the fastest and the quickest way to help your customers in solving their problems in a flash. And they themselves will realize it too as they will have a seamless experience while going through your website.
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The Costs

The Floppy live chat software is just like a help desk system in which one live chat agent can talk with several customers and website visitors at the same time and still retain the same high customer satisfaction rate. With FloppyChat, you can add efficiency to your help desk system, which will reduce and cut your overall cost, which is being spent on providing excellent customer service.
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The floppy live chat website plugin will speed up your customer service, which will have a positive impact on your sales. Use FloppyChat to help and assist your website visitors exactly when they feel the need. It will ensure higher and increased sales, along with higher average order value.
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Connect FloppyChat Easily With
Your Favorite Tools

With Floppy live chat software, you can easily add your favorite tools to FloppyChat by choosing from over 170+ integrations. This will help you in creating the ultimate customer-centric experience. You can even build your own personalized FloppyChat extensions from scratch.
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Boosts Up
Your Credibility

By adding floppy live chat to your website, it will add and boost the credibility of your website. Your website visitors will immediately come to know that there are real and genuine people on the other side, who are all time ready to help them out with all their issues and problems.

To know more about FloppyChat and Its Pricing Plans, please visit our pricing page!

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Terms & Conditions | Usage Policy