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Get all you
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for efficient work.
All-in-one live chat software to engage with website visitors, qualify leads, and assist customers in real time.
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Top Floppy Live Chat Features

floppyChat Features location
Geo locations
Nation and city where your clients are coming from
floppyChat Features infinity
No limits
As many operators, chats, and departments you like
floppyChat Features notifications
Receive push/desktop notifications
floppyChat Features Statistics
Nations, most visit pages, ratings, chat time, and a lot more
floppyChat Features search
Smart search
Search across messages, conversations, and users
floppyChat Features Starr
Starr messages
A hassle-free to find important info again
floppyChat Features apps
Mobile apps
Apps for Android and iOS are incorporated
floppyChat Features language
More than 15 languages accessible
floppyChat Features Compatiblity
Compatible with all devices - desktop, mobile, tablet, and notebook

Top Floppy Operator Chat Features

System Messages & Chat Bot

Automatic Floppy online chat system bot messages. You always know on which page your customer is right now. In case the operator takes a little longer to pick up the call, the integrated Floppychat system bot will answer the client's questions. This feature is essential, especially when attempting to describe anything on your website. If a client goes to another page of yours, it will tell you where he is now.
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Client File Sharing

Not only can the operator share the file, but clients can also have access to the share. Notably, the client can only share files when allowed by the operator. The file types, size, and other protection were set to ensure that no destructive files can be uploaded. Images with a lightbox function will be shown straight in the chat. Additional files can be downloaded and presented as a link.

Share Files and Images

You can share files with Floppy chat box. You are all accountable for what is uploadable and what is not, restricted by the file types and size. The file types can be set for an operator as well as a client. Images are displayed directly in the conversation but can also be opened in the lightbox, allowing you to download the file as well by right-clicking on the image.

Live Search

The integrated live search lets you search, particularly on long conversations, with ease. Current and archived chats can be searched online at any time by Floppychat software. You'll only need to type a couple of letters, and live search is running through the messages from this chat, of course, if you've found the one you can also star it.

Starr Message & Much More

Each message you send as an operator can be starred. Do you have a typo no problem; just patch it, and you're good to go. Quote one of your customers, or a message of your own. You need not submit anything, just delete it. However, the best element is you can starr a message. It will starr the text and can be found in the side menu again easily.

Transfer any Client

Customer opted for the wrong department? You can switch any client to any available operator at any time with no problem. Of course, it's all consent and department-based. We assure you that you’re in control of all your settings and operators.

Knock Knock Feature

You will love our feature knock knock. It's easy but very powerful. It will give the client a Javascript Alert, which will immediately focus the browser or tab. The client doesn't respond or has switched off sound notifications, and you need him back, give him a Knock Knock!
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Top Floppy Client Chat Features.

floppyChat Features client


floppyChat Features hello
Once again, you can choose from different choices, display the whole lot, including name, email address, phone number, departments, and question field. Simply select quick Floppy live chat if you want to keep it accessible. Your customers need only to enter a question to commence the conversation.

Login Form

floppyChat Features  form
Each message you send as an operator can be starred. Do you have a typo no problem; just patch it, and you're good to go. Quote one of your customers, or a message of your own. You need not submit anything, just delete it. However, the best element is you can starr a message. It will starr the text and can be found in the side menu again easily.

Chat Bot

floppyChat Features  chatbot
An integrated free live chat bot will answer the client's questions, set up your customer support live chat bot inside the operator panel. As long as no operator picks up the chat, the customer chat software bot will try to assist your client.

Online/ Offline

floppyChat Features  button
With different choices, one of them is a button that you have online and offline status. Pick the from PopUp, SlideUp, switch to SlideUp, Link, SlideUp. Upload your controls, change color, the choices are infinite.


floppyChat Features operator
When an operator joins the Floppy website chat., the customer is told with the operator name. You can add, modify, and delete automated messages from your Operator panel.

Sound Alert

floppyChat Features alert
Clients will have standard sound alert enabled and will only receive one on a new message. He can, of course, turn off the sound whenever he browses to a new tab. It automatically switches on so as not to miss a thing.

End Session

floppyChat Features end
The client can terminate the session with the given button at any time. Depending on your configuration , the client will be redirected to the feedback form. The chat will stop immediately if pressed.


floppyChat Features emoticons
100's of emoticons are included Also utterly compatible with every smartphone and, of course, with our native apps.
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Top Floppy Statistics Features

Each of Your Client on a World Map

Perhaps the most crucial feature is recognizing where the clients are visiting from. All our applications will attempt to determine where your customer currently resides. You can see important details such as region, city, and GPS coordinates.

Team Statistics

Have complete control over each user's statistics, how long he has chatted in general, what is his overall ranking. Each operator also has a more comprehensive statistics of all the customer feedback he served.

Page Statistics

Find easily the most viewed pages on your site. It's necessary to figure out, for example, where the auto engages in running. In blend with Auto Engage - an essential tool for your live support chat.


Filter after departments or display all. The included filter will demonstrate how each department performs. You may give your operator panel absolute, part, or no access to any area with the permissions provided.
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Terms & Conditions | Usage Policy